Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Perfect coffee

Of course everything is perfect, in perfect divine timing, each challenge being an opportunity to grow, to learn from, to become stronger and wiser. You cann't rush some things, they must take their course, must take their time, there are lessons to be learnt and wisdom to be gained.... and of course coffee to be drunk....!


Thankyou to Rosanna for prompting me to write. You know, each and every day I want to write on this blog. I dont have time each and every day, wish I did. My life is very busy and complex at the moment, although I am working very hard on making it simpler, each day I get closer to a more simple life. Unfortunately it involves my solicitor, tons of legal documents, and many court room visits that are lined up over the next few months. But yes, each day I get closer to my goal.

I am excited about the future. Excited about the day this complexity is sorted and complete. Excited about the day when I can throw myself fully into new ventures and goals in life.

So today (and all these current days) I work on the past - clearing up the mess, dealing with the ugly prick rearing its ugly head; I work on the present - running a household, being the best mum I can be, enjoying time with my new love, and enduring my job; I work on the future - a new career, a business owner, a published writer, fullfilling all my dreams

I am writing my book, it is a constant focus I have now, I wish I had more time for it. But I'm doing the best I can right now. A publisher will land on my door step one day soon! And in the year 2008 my book will be a published best seller!! Wish me luck.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

too hot

dont you just hate it when you buy a coffee and it is just too hot! I bought one today!

by the time you burn your lips and tounge 6 times, you just dont want the bloddy thing when it is cool enough to drink... and you've already eaten your snack you were having with it....

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hot water

My horoscope yesterday:

Here's your horoscope for JANUARY 16, 2007.

Libra: You delay, you procrastinate, you are simply lazy. You take longer to do things than most people, Linda. Why? Consider the fact that you may be scared of taking the next step. Perhaps you are scared of facing the truth. Perhaps you are scared of making the next decision. By the time you are ready to move, you hope that someone else has already decided which way you should go. This method has probably gotten you far, but perhaps not in the direction you need to be going.

So true, I followed other peoples advice yesterday on handling a situation. I didnt want to face it fully myself, yes, scared of facing the truth, procrastinating. But, it got me into hot water. It put me in a worse situation that I didnt want to be in. So last night I did alot of thinking, working it all out. I had to move away from other peoples advice and opionions and figure out, what do I want? What direction to I want to take? Just me, forget everyone else. Just me, what do I need? I know now.

And todays horoscope:

Hello Linda!Here's your horoscope for JANUARY 17, 2007.

Libra Date of Birth XX: Suddenly things are coming together in a whole new way - a way that you hadn't anticipated, Linda. Brainstorming ideas can prove to be extremely rewarding at a time like this. There is likely to be a surge of new thoughts that spring from nowhere. The truth is that you had the solutions all along. All you needed was the spark of inspiration to draw the solutions out. That spark is most certainly on its way on a day like today.

Horray, I wonder what today will bring?

Monday, January 15, 2007


Something inside me is bursting to get out. What is it? It is creativity, it is freedom to express, freedom to inspire. It is colours, words, laughter, form, energy. I am back in this stark office, boxed in. I am boxed in. I am not sure of the outlet I need to let out what is inside me. How will I express it? How will I shine my light? How will I inspire others? What form? What avenue? What path? What medium? What time? I'm bursting, I need to be out of here, I need to be creating for the world to see.
It, it inside me has been there a long time, I've felt it building up, pressure getting stronger. Now it is uncomfortable. I'm about to burst. Help. Show me the way.