Monday, May 29, 2006

The third eye

... the third eye, which gives me the knowledge and accptance of my personal path. I understand that my path will not always proceed according to plan; I let go of my attachment to my desire to control, and turn inward to my true self which really guides me as it does all humanity.
I joyfully accept that my development may actually take quite a different turn than what I had expected. Nevertheless I trust that it will be perfect in accordance to the lessons I need to learn. This positive, open-minded attitude represents the epitome of true faith.

When ever I accept myself fully, I can also then accept another person fully.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

the crocodile...

a bird sang in the tree
the duck listened intently
the crocodile heard, but sank to the waters end to advoid it
the frog croaked along with the bird

man came with a rifle and shot the bird

the end

Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm glad it is raining today

I'm glad it is raining today, it suits my mood... or maybe my mood suits the rain. Its a quite day, medative day, look within to the rythm of the gentle rain (and the heater). The rain cleanses, brings new life. It is cold, but if it was warm I think I'd go out and sit in the rain, allowing it to cleanse me through.

I feel frustration today, so much I want to do... but cant today... I must be patient...

I need to write, and write and write some more... my wrist will allow me soon... I must be patient...

I need to read, but am not sure what to read next... I must be patient

I'm glad it is raining today.