Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Coming out of the closet

I'm now busy and excitedly marketing my business.... and telling people why I have resigned from my employment and what I plan to do.

It is like I'm coming out of the closet. I have not dicussed with many people over the years of who I really am. I am surprising people by now telling them who I am and what my goals are.

I am a reiki master healer. I am conducting children's meditation classes. I am providing massage. I am studying part-time in a totally new field.

It is nice to be living and speaking the absolute truth of my heart.

I am free from living behind the mask that has hid me for so many years.

Yes, it's a little scary, but only at the start, people are nicely surprised and I am recieving alot of postive feedback and congratulations.

I totally and utterly and absolutely have faith in myself.

I am happy!!!!