Saturday, September 16, 2006


So what if there was no 'next week'?
What if there was to be no someone better. There is no better.
Do you wait till next week for something better?
What if it didn't come? Would you regret passing up the opportunity of today?

What does the 'something better' have that today doesnt? Do you really, really need that something better? Do you already have it?
Look hard, look deep, you may find that you already have it and don't need it at all.

What's the worse thing that could happen? And if it did happen, how are you going to deal with it? Will you survive? Is it really that bad?

Decisions, love or fear? truth or illusion?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Only when you do not need it....

I am now a free spirit, I dont 'need' anything or anyone.
Need, what do we need? Do we need anything or is it just an illusion we tell ourselves. I suppose we need air to breath, the sun to warm us, the water to flush us and the fire for our desire to continue and the earth from which we arise and return. But what else do we need?
You can look at it in that we have all we need. You cant get something unless you already have it. We only get respect when we respect ourselves, we can only be loved when we love ourselves, we can only have a friend when we can be friends within ourselves, we can only receive abundance when we are grateful for the abundance that we already are. We can only recieve compliments when we know how to compliment ourselves, in our own mind and hearts.

Only then, only when you know you have everything that you need, you are ready to share with another. Only when you know you are free, are you ready to be partnered. And then, when you are partnered, you must still remain free, that is important, to retain your freedom and personal empowerment. No one can take it from you, remember that. No one can take it, you can give it away, but I strongly recommend that you dont. Keep it, for once you have found it, hold it dearly to your heart and dont give it. Show people how to find theirs for themselves, but dont ever give it away.

When you do not need it, then you can have it, and you will recieve it.

Desperation is fear that you'll never have it, desperation will ensure that you never do.
Desperation is a state of despair; despair is a loss of hope; the loss of hope is a loss of faith, a loss of belief.

When you do not need it, then you can have it, and you will recieve it.

Blessed be