Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dancing around friendships

It's intersting, think of all the people you know. People that are so different to you, people that have so many different views, values, beliefs and intersts to your own. But yet, when with these people, you can be brilliant friends, happy to see them, egar to chat. To chat about that one thing you have in common, that one thing that associates you as knowing them. Of course, sometimes you may develop other common interests, but there is one connecting point. And you think, now, if it wasnt for that connecting point, I really wouldnt want to know them, we wouldnt be friends. And you probably dont want to spend anymore time with them than what you do, just that few minutes or hours is enough for the week or month or year! you dont want to spend time with them in any other context or environment. Happy to see them, happy to chat and have fun, then very happy to go your own way again. So many people touch our lives in so many different ways. They are all there for us to learn from, to grow from, different experiences to show us a more enlightened way.

Accept that, accept that each and every 'friend' is unique in the experience to us, we dont owe them anything, we are not obligated to them.

Give them what you want to give them, take from them what is offered for you to take and that is it.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

page 91

"... early spring... children, especially the youngest ones who were only just realizing they were alive, ran and skipped and played with the energy that would quadruple their weight, and triple their height and double their joy if, years from now, they could just remember what this remarkable day was like." - Book of Shadows by Phyllis Curott