Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Let me out, I am free!

My horoscope today:: Today you're likely to find your routine too boring for words, Linda, and have a sudden powerful urge to cut loose and play some serious hooky. Still, you may feel the pull of obligation. This feeling should pass. If it persists beyond today, however, you might need to re-evaluate certain areas of your life. There are lots of opportunities out there, and life is too short to be stuck in a situation that doesn't allow you to grow.

Hell yes!!! I need a new career!!! I need my own business!!!! Where is THE opportunity for ME?????? Show it to me PLEASE!!!!! Today, Now!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

the coffee is good here....

Most morning where i work, I go to buy a take away coffee. I could buy a coffee upstairs in the resturant, I could have it in a ceramic cup with a saucer, I could sit at a clean table on a comy chair. But I choose to buy a take away, not because of time or convience, but because it is so much nicer. I usually do not buy takeaway coffee, usually I do not like my coffee in a takeaway cardboard cup. But here, the lady downstairs can make coffee so much better than the lady
upstairs. The cardboard cup is definately worth the better coffee! Same brand of coffee by the way. Actually, there are two coffee machines and two coffee makers downstairs. One machine has an a-frame sign near by, "Express Coffee". In the peak coffee time morning, you can get your coffee faster there. But I queue up at the slower machine, where people want to buy more than coffee and the queue is longer, but the coffee is proven to be exactly as I like it every day, by the same lady. It is worth the wait, it is worth the cardboard. With my takeaway coffee I sit inside if the weather is uncomfortable. Inside the chairs are hard plastic and the tables show evidence of being used recently, but the coffee is worth it. On a sunny day, I sit outside, on hard wooden seats,
shared with the dust and birds, but the coffee is worth it. Once I took it back to my office, but it wasnt the same, it wasnt really a break for starters. Where ever i sit, I enjoy watching the people and birds, I enjoy the greeness of the trees, i enjoy the sun, the freshair, I enjoy being outside and free.

I Believe

I believe I can,
I believe I will,


Thursday, March 08, 2007

A new car....

I want a new car, I know exactly what I want, I've wanted it for over 2 years now. I am grateful for the car I have now, but it is temporary. I will buy the car I want. The money will come to me somehow, in some divine and unexpected way. The car I want, I want it for me. Because I deserve to have what I want, I deserve to travel in style, I deserve to have good things. I deserve to travel in comfort.
I dont want it for status or to look rich, I dont need to keep up with the Jones. I would be happy to keep it all to myself and not tell anyone what car I have. I want it for me. I deserve it. I am asking for the car, how will it come to me? I cant wait to find out!! :-)

The car is now mine, I now have the energy of the car with me. The physical manifestation is on its way.

I have the brochers of the car, I have the web page displayed on my PC. I feel myself driving the car, I see myself driving the car, I see it in my garage. I see my pink ipod in it. I see me in it. i'm going to go and sit in one at the showroom tommorow!