Monday, April 23, 2007

to be wealthy....

I began reading a book today, "The natural history of The Rich - a field guide" by richard conniff. Very interesting. I've only read the intro and half of the first chapter, but I've already found something I like, on disucssing what 'wealth' means, how to define 'wealth', one opionion was:
"He defined wealth essentially as contentment with your lot: "My opionion of wealth is to be able to own whatever it is you have, at whatever level. If you have $50 million and you're racing around bloddy well killing yourself and basically a slave to that which you are striving for, I would not count that as wealth in any shape or form"".

I like that. I make the decision and I choose to own whatever it is I have. I will not live a slave to the bank.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Traffic lights

A guy that I work with made an interesting observation today. He was expressing his frustrations with using computers. He said that "computers are like traffic lights". He went on to explain that whilst trying to complete tasks using computers, the computer tells us when we can proceed, when we have to wait (for it), how fast we can go, how long it will take us to complete the task. He says his next job will be not with computers!Obviously this guy wants to move at his own speed, he is ambitious and doesnt want to be slowed and dictated to by computers anymore. But I asked him what his next job would be, he had no idea. So he cant be THAT ambitious. He has no idea what he wants to move on to!

But yes, this job I am in feels like a traffic light to me. It is slowing me down, it is stopping me from doing things I want to move on to, but on the positive, it is providing me with saftey and security.And acutally, part of me, when I am not on the highway of employment, is travelling the backroads - free of traffic lights (but full of bends) and I am travelling to where I want to be. I'll be off the controlled highway soon!

Where are your traffic lights?