Monday, November 27, 2006



You'll feel better, the world will feel better...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I've been weeding, weeding my life. Just as in the garden. Remove those things, people and situations that are weeds. They are ugly, they do not create beauty in your life, you do not admire them and they constantly suck out the goodness that could other wise be used for a flower to bloom. Only keep the flowers, bloom, shine and grow beautiful. Remove the weeds, you do not need them.

I feel so much better now, I've discarded some people from my life, those who only ever upset me and put me down.

Your life needs constant weeding, only flowers should be seen.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Why do I allow people to throw shit at me? Why do I allow them to accuse me of things I did not do? Why do I allow them to make their own assumptions about me and my life without finding out the truth? Why do I allow them to verbally punch me in the guts where it hurts most? Why do I just smile and say nothing whilst feeling the anger inside me? Why do I then express that anger to someone else? Why do I not throw the frustations, lies and anger straight back at them, when I should? Why do I not put them back in their place and stand up for myself?

Because I'm too nice. Because I am not a bitch. Because I am not going to argue and play childish bully games like they do. Because I am better than that, and I deserve better. Because I feel compassion and I forgive people. Because in the end it doesnt really matter what they think or believe, it is what I know and how I live my life.

Fuck them!

A kiss

A kiss can be so sweet, it says so many things, it makes everything OK, it makes wonderful sensations in your heart, a kiss can be so sweet. A kiss can stop time.